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Doc Horlock and The Mistery of The Lion Aliens

If all Doc Horlock stories are amazing, this one is even more so. A sheep will surely mock and ignore it, but you already saw that incredible stories like the one about the ghost Lucía, turned out to be real. It will help you understand the past and especially the future of the Earth. It will give you hope and it gave me extensive information on many mysteries, such as chemtrails, future, crop circles, blue beam, false alien invasion, Satya Yuga…

That starry winter night, after a delicious Indian dinner of samosas, cheesy spinach and chapati bread, Doc Horlock invited me into his library where logs of holm and oak crackled in a huge fireplace worthy of the Freemason movie Citizen Kane.

There was still no pandemic and the Astarville mansion in Holcomb, Kansas, froze on the dark nights of February. From the skylights you could see the constellations of Orion and Pleiades, places where two of the races that had reached the cusp of the evolution, the blond or beleidianos (wrongly called paleiadians) and the Lion Men, both part of the Multidimensional Council. I think it was not accidental.

Doc Horlock read ancient manuscripts that he told me were from the Vatican and originally from the Library of Alexandria. The library was surrounded by impressive gloomy gargoyles and other strange ancient sculptures, such as lion-headed sphinxes. At the beginning of the stairs there were, for example, two sphinxes with the face of a humanized Leon.

-And that's what I asked?-while he pointed to one like the sculpture below.

-The sphinx had the head and tail of Leon - replied Doc Horlock, while Bach's Christmas Oratorio, his favorite music, played in the background - but with the face of the paraon Akeo. Cheops comes from Akeopais. There he was buried at Paraon Teo or Akeo, Pako or Pakito as his mother called him, Teo II. It is called the barracks place or Gitzaitegui. Tegui is place in Basque, the Basque locative the Place of Gitza He was the most important father or King PARAON and his symbol was the Lion, to mock the alien lions, the most evolved beings in this multiverse, along with angels and dragons. In Mythologies and ancient books the lion is the symbol of aliens Chinese, along with the bull or dragon. They appropriated it, because Alexander the Great wore a lion helmet and because the lion aliens are the overseers of the multiverse who always had them at bay. There are many scenes of Alexander with a bere beret killing a lion, it is not hunting, it is a symbol of the Trojan War in many parts of the world and Europe, but above all Troyes and Champagne in France and Spain, not in Greece as they tell us.




-Do Leon aliens really exist?

-Not only do they exist, but they are the key to everything that happened in the past in Atlantis and to what will happen. They are the enemies of the Anunnaki, the fallen from the sky in ships, who have enslaved us since they came in several waves like the one 400,000 years ago, the Chinese aliens. As a consequence, the alien lions from the Paleides used the symbols of the alien lions and dragons, their great enemies. This is how they did with the spain or sphinx, which was called as Spain in English, Espain, is from the panis. The Lion on a world globe is its symbol, as it appears in the Spanish parliament. You will see mythological images of heroes defeating the Leon. They are images of Alexander the Great, sometimes called Hercules. Like this one - shows me the image below in the manuscript. The Egyptians or ducks spoke Basque and Spanish in the remote past. Names like Iker, Rafael, Antonio or Pako are Egyptian. These names are on other planets, where Spanish is spoken. Pako and Pakito was the name of the Paraon Teo II of Gizah or Gizateghi, Cheops, of Akeopais.The Pa Akeo& Pakeo.Guitzaitegui means barracks place It is a cenotaph or cenotapaio (tomb of the paios) erected in honor of Teo II or Pako, the greatest paraon in Egypt. It is the place where he died. He had a humanized face of Leon to mock his enemies, the alien lions. They copy the symbols of their enemies and manipulate them: the lion, Mari, Iezus, the Bible, the fish cap of the Pope of Oannes, the white and red colors of the Pope, taken from the Mandingo Changó chief of the Olmec heads and from the two goddesses of Antiquity in Atlantis, Sophir Rea and Luctu itá,.

Guitzaitegui means barracks place& It is a cenotaph or cenotapaio erected in honor of Teo II or Pako, the greatest paraon of Egypt. It is the place where he died. He had a humanized face of Leon to mock his enemies, the alien lions.



-Lions and cats -Horlock continued- are fascinating animals. There are none more beautiful, agile, majestic, fierce and intelligent. They are also incredibly affectionate, as seen in the famous documentary on the Red de los Pales or Netflix, Tiger King. When they become humanoid they are truly colossal, beings of light. They are like yogis, like Pandora's navis, but without a tail. They are Gods. The model of what we will be. The model of humanity.

-Did you ever see them, Doc?

Doc smiled and looked at the sphinx then added:

-Yes, the story is dreamlike. I'll tell you. One night not long ago I saw that my window was open. I hadn't opened it. Missed me. Several nights the same thing happened. I thought it could be a dementor attack or alien owl. But not. Another day that it was open I woke up. I intuitively understood that it was to warn me at that moment. Then I saw how a smoke and a humanoid lion body materialized in my room. I was not afraid. weird too. It didn't make me suspicious. It was huge, the same 3 meters but he sat down, like a yogi, with his legs crossed. Before a   A telepathic voice greeted me and asked my permission to enter my plane and give me information.

-Had  tail?

-No.  It was not seen.   Other times he returned and was less tall, could change size, is one of the yogic powers or aesuarias. First he wanted me to see him in his natural form. The skin was fine, like lions but finer, the humanized features not vast, with a mane of Leon. He was muscular, graceful, well  formed. As a curious fact, he was not wearing  shoes was barefoot. They were feet not hooves. His eyes were stunning, deep, relaxed, loving, like diamonds. They radiated light. His ears were barely visible from his long hair. He would say they were a bit spiky. The forehead was wide and the nose long and small  and the subtle, humanized mouth, not the jaws of an animal. The color was like lions, a soft tawny beige. It was impressive, but I don't understand how he wasn't afraid. It was as big as a closet.  At first it seemed like he was floating, as if he were seeing an aura, an irradiation from his body and from his head and between his eyebrows. At least I perceived it. It was a work of art. I was, my friend, at the zenith of the evolution of the Multiverse. A super-evolved mammal with features  from being golden, because of its color.  A being that could be physical, psychic and ethereal and travel in various planes of the Multiverse, consciously.  He was like a God. A Creator God. This is how races end  when they take the Multidimensional Leap. They become Gods.

-And what did he tell you, what up broooo!!!   , pure  life?  how did you get in…

-You will hallucinate, Dr. Matrix, before he mentally asked me for permission to enter my plane and then when I saw him he greeted me with the yogic namaskar and his hands together. They were long and with splayed fingers, without claws. He brought them together on the forehead and chest. Perhaps he knew that it is a spiritual greeting for yogis and I knew him. I knew  of my life. First I calm down….   He said that he intuited that I was not afraid of him... That's why he entered without further ado, but for several days he caused the window to open for no reason. No one could open it. It was locked from the inside. He told me that they were giving signals for & nbsp; appear, so that he was prepared that something was going to happen to us  to pass. He told me to be calm, that they had perceived my vibration and wanted to give me information. The first thing he said is that he didn't have to be afraid. He said that the Earth was at a key moment of transition into another cycle. what  we were at the end of the kali yuga the era of darkness and everything was going to intensify  with different events that would serve for the learning of humanity. He said that he had to pass it, so that the man would realize how lost he is. He warned of pandemics, fear, preparations for wars, totalitarian measures and a war in heaven between different positive and regressive races, mostly Pleiadians, alien lions and other unknown races against reptilians, owl aliens and bad Anunnakis. At that time there was war in heaven,  but  It's over, although some skirmish can always follow. He said that the lion aliens had put a shield on Earth and that you couldn't go in and out within certain limits. It was like Star War, wars with ships, shots, lights, explosions, but also war with mantras in other multidimensional planes, or wars with non-physical weapons, let's say psychotronic.

-How did he talk?

– First hello  with namaskar of  live voice. Then he spoke in Spanish. He knew that it was the language he spoke, although I speak English normally too. He did not use the   English. Then he would send telepathic messages in Spanish. It's like when you talk to yourself, something like that. Spanish is older than English. It is spoken on other planets just like Euskera or Sanskrit. It is spoken or spoke. Basque was once spoken all over the world and used a cuneiform alphabet. Nobody knows its origin from the Basque, nor from the Sumerian, Akkadian, languages of the Anunnaki who came from heaven. The hieroglyphs were Basque.

-Did you ask him his name and his planet?… Where did he come from? came?

-At that moment I felt that it was not necessary to ask; that it was unnecessary. I knew it was someone great, not a ghost or a fake  and there was no need for him to tell me a strange name or a planet with his terminology… I didn't… What he told me is that their civilization had reached the pinnacle of evolution and were now like creator gods, dedicated to creating life on other planets and supervising evolution in the Multiverse. mammals  our feline race and the Pleiadians have reached the culmination in humanized forms beyond  of animality, he told me he told me that they were like a multidimensional police … if some regressive race invaded a planet or a race of cyborg robots, they had technology  top to neutralize. They were like a Multidimensional Council, with more races, that were dedicated to a work of service for Aummor for evolution, without interfering in the Divine Game. The Galactic Federation thing is a new age fraud, but it is logical that such a perfect multiverse would also have  its hierarchy of control.  He told me that in addition to his advice, which is not that there are thousands, but hundreds, there are other levels   not rationally assimilable. There is a council of Multidimensional Elders that is connected, for example, to Goddesses, gods who reincarnate on planets and say They advise you on all the steps to follow. This council of Elders or Guardians of the  Time  and Wisdom  is already acting on Earth with  the goddesses of Antiquity  Athena and Aphrodite. He also told me that Nature was going to react to the aberrations of men   in this phase  of  The New World Order and in the wars that China and Putin are mainly preparing, which are the representation of the worst of the human being and the absolute degeneration in Kali Yuga, He told me that they do not need nor will they intervene. They just supervise and smile, he clarified, knowing that like a parent who sees his son or baby make a mistake, that they have to go through it and it is part of collective learning and that karma and Nature always do justice and they control everything…..and that in the  higher EVERYTHING IS THE DIVINE GAME OF A SINGLE DIRECTOR  OF CINEMA AND VIDEO GAMES:  SLIME. He told me that the most evolved planets all the citizens meditate and perceive the Everything and the Vibration of the BabaNam Kevalam, Everything is One and that the separation of the Source is not perceived. This together with a super technology with robots  and spiritual supertechnology with Technoyoga makes Society a Flow  Unitary  in  the Multiple flowing towards infinity or the OMEGA POINT, end of Evolution.  He knew that I had previously assimilated these concepts, obviously. If he contacted me   to me at this moment, it was for something. Nothing is random. So did Enki in the story of the palace and the armored angels, which I already told you. Obviously if you receive the information it is because you  You are the first multidimensional journalist and it comes to you by Providence so that you spread it, according to your free will and that's how we use these Doc Horlock stories. Somehow you had to be a communicator and a Master like a folksy broker that chews information and he gives it with humor, aummor and patience to your human brothers. You made a contract to do this as a System Destroyer, you don't remember it yet, but you're going to start to remember your erased memory. If not, you would not have understood human miseries, mistakes,  depression, sadness, poverty, frustration, difficulty meditating and controlling the mind,  the temptations of addictions, vanities, the senses  and the sex. You weren't exactly like another human, because Dawn Messengers are always different, but you had to be level 0  or minus zero, so that you can later teach everyone the process of Intuitional Practice with mantra and Yoga. Many of your Ananda Duipa group  They have the same mission as you and they accompanied you in other battles in several lives, like when you put the Roman Empire in check. You need to get into the human body to know its miseries and also greatness  to then direct others towards Infinity. You already gave your life in other existences and your quality  warrior is guaranteed. And now you and your Island of Ananda must spread these difficult concepts from you to other humans, but without obtaining anything material, it is part of your DNA, it is part of your mission. The human race is now in tatters, but it has the potential and the DNA helices to be like us Alien Leons, you are also mammals…. That's what he told me.. and that can't be hidden by millions of demons or dictators who they have enslaved you since the dawn of time with a blood ritual in wars that never seem to end.



Alexandre wears the bere beret and the cape of the gods. The nakedness and small penises mean that they are gods and sages. The small penis indicates wisdom. The OTHER Oannes-JUAN, the captain of Troy, also with the cape of God. He wears the Iberian Falcata, from the place where he died, nothing to do with swords from Greece.


Doc Horlock paused as Bach's cantatas played. The wind rumbled outside as if the devil was closing in to hear our secrets. The flames in the fireplace formed images of lions and also began to howl.

-Did they tell you secrets? Did you see him again?

-They told me many secrets-continued Horlock, while he drank an infusion of anise mint. He was a vegetarian and didn't drink coffee or tea- Some I can't count. He came back to visit me several times in my room. He would enter barefoot and before that he would send me a beep as a signal to ask my permission to enter. They wore a carbon-blue uniform, tight-fitting and shiny in places. Not always the same, other times it was a variety of beige. Finally one day he told me that he could see the old lions of the Council. I didn't have to do anything. I would just teleport him. Immediately I heard a buzz and I fainted and then I appeared in a ship that was moving in space, because there were windows. It could be like the ones in Star Trek, but in one piece and bright natural light and it smelled raspberry. I appeared in a capsule like the ones in avatar and that's where my first contact met me. They have names but they are like vibrations. Like saying Ainggggg, which is a mantra. Then he took me to a huge room with windows that showed stars. There were 11 cats, I think I count, not all of them were lions, some were like tigers and leopards and one was like a panther, but all were humanized. They were sitting on a floating platform that expelled like blue smoke. Sitting in lotus, like yogis. My friend Leon introduced me and everyone smiled calmly. We spoke telepathically. I sat in lotus like them. There was a hologram in the center where they were showing me some of the things we were talking about. They were all dressed alike, in a huge turquoise blue uniform with shade variations on the arms and shoulders and chest and a small hologram symbol on the side that was like a soft flash that looked like lightning and like an inverted V. A boot that they had on their necks and wrists also shone. They were all barefoot in lotus, they did not have claws but feet. They introduced me and told me their names, which was like vibrations. Some had family and children, it was not incompatible with being yogis and supervisors, but it was completely different from normal families. They did not use sex and procreated in laboratories or with the mind. The planets and cities that they showed me were dreamlike. Like Pandoras with Jungles with unimaginable animals, colors and flowers and with geometric constructions, some in the sky, that looked like crop circles. They told me that they did the crop circles at the beginning to give hope and show sacred codes and give and prepare the vibration of the Satya Yuga of the future. But immediately the reptilians and owls replaced them with fake to mislead, most of them already being false. They also told me that the chemtrails were not for humans, but mainly for lion aliens with organic elements or vibrations that affect their physiology, ships, and planets. , so that they could not act well on our Earth. They told me incredible things about their physiology: they don't need to eat, but they can eat if they want or drink longevity elixirs and they have special glands that mean they don't have to go to the bathroom, they eliminate through the pores of the skin or by breathing and they can live or feed on pranah or energy from the Universe and the Sun.


Doc Horlock kept telling me many more stories and secrets, which we will tell, but you have to give it in doses, which is a lot of information.He told me that the best way to introduce yourself is with these stories, which seem like science fiction. They are not presented live, because the human would not capture, they would think that they are montages, they would laugh at their feline appearance, they would not understand the science of meditation, they would pay attention to external things such as uniforms. Before contact, preparation with meditation is necessary. They told me, like the first lion that came to my room, that the best way to face the Future is with regular meditation and kiirtan and without fear or worry, just flow and try to tune in with Nature, animals and cultures. oldest indigenous, especially those of America. About what was going to happen and when he told me with the words of lions:

-Everything is written in ancient prophecies, especially that of the Mandingo Olmec heads. They speak of a change and the arrival of two goddesses and winged warriors and help her, but without interfering from the winged warriors. 7 armies will come, one of the alien lion, another of three stars of the Pleiadian blondes. They will be human and the eternals. Humans who will make the change helped by Nature, which will roar at the opportune moment, which is not so far away. When will it happen? It is relative, because multidimensional time is different. There is free will and nothing is done, everything is being done every moment with our thoughts. It is an open Battle. A divine Game… Between two sides, Nature will help, the lions will not interfere, they will only give light to the goddesses and some humans and technological teaching sooner after. They said that people will be fooled by falling false satellites. Kali yuga will give the last throes of it in a dystopian world. Then the displacement of the Poles will come, when the Chinese get more afraid, already separated from their alien ancestors, now they only have connection with demons of the underworld in illuminati rituals. One day, everything will change in a matter of hours. The goddesses and the armies will give the finishing touch and the winged knights will be the teachers and custodians of the Dharma and will teach everyone how to live in peace in a New World. It will not be perfect, everything is evolution, but without psychopaths in charge. It is what is predicted by all the ancient indigenous prophecies, Toltecs, Mayans, Mandinkas, Everything will happen like this. Without a doubt.

by Luis Carlos Campos

Translated from this contraperiodismomatrix.com post, for educational purposes

What is meditation?

It is to think that you are infinite and the mind takes the object of ideation, it is not to leave it blank. It is positive ideation.

  1. You disconnect from the external world
  2. You disconnect from the body (imagine that it is disappearing)
  3. You start maintaining idealization and start repeating the mantra.

Use the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra. With the ideation that everything is GOD, everything is even, everything is infinite. You breathe with Babanam and expires with Kevalam (3 times). Breathe through the nose with Baba Nam and fill yourself with energy. You expire by the nose with Kevalam and eliminate all tensions and problems. Baba gave it to us for these final times.
Mantra of easy pronunciation and with cohesion to cosmic consciousness. It is the universal mantra that is worth everything. For cleaning, for health. To have better discernment. FOR ALL.

Meditate twice a day at least for 20 minutes, the important thing is to develop the habit. Soon you will raise your awareness and ultimately become ONE with the Supreme consciousness, P'arama Purush'a.


Kiirtan is the song of a mantra out loud while the mind focuses on the supreme being.
Instill a feeling of bliss and prepares the mind for meditation,
since in doing so all the motor and sensory organs are occupied and directed towards the supreme.
It can be done anywhere, and at any time, but the best moment is just before meditation.

The mantra used for kiirtan is: Bábá Nama Kevalam Baba means "my loved one," Nam means "the name" or "identifying with" and Kevalam means "only." So the meaning of the mantra is "my loved one is the only thing." The concept to keep in mind is: "everywhere where I look, in all the things I hear, I feel, see, try and smell, I perceive that only supreme consciousness that spreads through everything." Kiirtan has many benefits. Purifies the mind and prepares it for meditation, accelerating the speed of movement towards the Supreme. As a result of the mental clarity that is achieved, solutions are easily found to our problems while we practice it, in addition to relief of physical and psychic pain.