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Holocracy, the system of the future


Anything is possible, even if our current world is trash. It is possible to get rid of the Illuminati psychopathocracy videocracy, the current Dictatorship. They are very vulnerable, they are afraid of waking up and their ploy of lies are already so crude that when the real information arrives en masse we will begin to get out of the current scam.

There is a solution, even if it seems not, The base of the scam of those who steal is money and its institutions, the fraud of electricity, renewable energy and gasoline and then the religions… so you don't stir.

They just have to let you use the free energy, which we already have. You can create communities without money in abandoned towns and so people who are in misery can start living a life in freedom without you being worth the money you have. Only without paying taxes and passing by the institutions and boycott of not paying all coordinated you are already free. You just have to dare, take the step, and have the balls to join the four awake cats, that we will wake up the rest who want, if they don't let us, we create bubbles with our thoughts or in small communities. For that, leaders are needed who do not cheat and who know the Secret of the Multiverse, which is THAT ALL IS ONE, not the competitive, drug addicted and materialistic slop that they sell us.

Something big has to happen, a catastrophe, the mini ice age, a cosmic event…or simply the crisis. This system is absurd where a descendant of the Anunnaki rules by law without working and where you have to pay even to defecate -they already want a carbon passport- or to go to court, this is a farce with no future, we are going to create the world now that we like and dream, FIRST IN OUR THOUGHT..


Nature will revolt, as it happened in Atlantis The rats prepare various self-tempered and new prefabricated wars, predicted here. All those who hide the self-attacks are corrupt and will be eliminated. We do not need banks, post offices can be used for that need, nor the current energy scam, when there is free energy, 3rd generation atomic, psychotronics and water motors. The Revolution is Now. The Golden Dawn is already beginning. The Sun of Alcyone, the Ascended Guides, Creator Gods, Masters of the Game and Guardians of Time accompany us now and will accompany us closely in the inexorable Ascent to the Absolute.


Before the establishment of the Holacracy, we must establish the Boycott State or Librecracy, is the logical anarchy that follows the fight against the enemy thief and his parasites, politicians-judges, bankers and propaganda repeaters.

It is the First Holocracy, this anarchy, even chaotic, would be better than the current system where they rob you from all sides and nobody wants to change anything: if the judges do not give justice, the schools knowledge neither politicians organize nor bankers help... why do we need them?

Corruption is such that it is only possible to rise up against the ROTTEN and destroy their already cadaverous system with an active boycott and diffusion of light, that is, information and Creativity, whose base is the Love. The Revolution of Light. Join t.me/contraperiodismochat the new social network for Holacracy, Revolution and Happiness. t.me/counterperiodismomatrix

If you're in bad shape, declare bankruptcy before a judge and you won't have to deal with your debts like companies do. If you don't register your children, they won't get into the system and they won't be able to go to war or be cited in court. The record of Phoenician maritime law is our downfall. If the base of the pyramid organizes and boycotts WE WILL SINK THEIR BUSINESS. Only a truckers strike would change the world. They need us for the daily robbery carried out by the parasites that send us with AI, silly social networks, it and propaganda.


“Todo es uno, quien vea dos , es que ve doble”, Rumi. Aummor* es un amor de otro mundo, que viene del Secreto de la Creación, del AUM, OM vibración original. Se experimenta sobre todo en Meditación.



22, 222 or 2222 : MEANING: “Our newly seeded ideas are beginning to develop into reality. Continue to water and nurture them, and soon they will sprout out of the ground so that you can see the evidence of their manifestation. In other words, you will not wait even five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation will soon be apparent to you, so keep up the good work! Continues to maintain positive thoughts, continues affirming, and continue visualizing. This is a confirmation sign that you are on the right track doing the right things and heading in the right direction.”

1.- The Human Being is infinite and multidimensional with 12 DNA helices and the Earth and the Universe are One.

2 .- The purpose of the Human Being is to develop his Nature and be happy on a United Earth and Multiverse. The Earth will become part of the Cosmic Fraternity of races.

3.- The New System will be the overcoming of communism and capitalism and the previous illuminati model of materialistic Psychopathocracy. It will be Socioholism, the Holographic Society with limitation of private property, small private business, medium cooperative and large public companies, until this system is achieved, even anarchy will be better than the macro-pyramidal scam of current capital.

4.-The chaotic phase of transition will boycott or eliminate the parasitic race of politicians-judges, banksters and propaganda repeaters-journalists, the cancers of the old capital system. It will also boycott police or military forces, for having demonstrated their inefficiency. There will be no taxes and everyone will have full freedom to live as they want, do business without taxes or seek happiness without usury or anyone imposing anything by force.

5.-New systems will be tested with these principles -such as Holacracy, similar holistic economic-political paradigms, PROUT, Shumacher's economic Buddhism, system of payment by the hour used in Itaca New York, or SELF-SUFFICIENT communities, etc…- and those that work on a practical level will be applied, adjusting to time, space and people, seeking a World Government, respecting what remains of the nationalities of the old system and devastated countries, with a world currency, a world judicial system, a world cosmic constitution or, failing that, each one will unite in similar communities of thought: all the ancient resources and riches of the parasites will pass to the people.

6.- The most evolved, awake, Ascended or Sadvipras will help those who be further back looking for your awakening. Leaders will be spontaneously elected in like-minded communities and barter, hourly pay or digital currency will be used. The Council of Wise Men will gradually govern those who want to and those who don't want to will be free in anarchy in their chosen community or wherever they want. In the Age of Aquarius we will all be leaders, gods, so you will be free to accept another authority or not, there will always be a hierarchy in the Universe, since everyone is not at the same level of evolution.

7.- Spirituality will be universal and cosmic and meditation, art, the musical science of sonic vibrations, the science of kundalini, the true cosmic and alien history of Earth and exopolitical reality. We will adjust to spiritual happiness, but also to material happiness and we will enjoy Nature without imposing anything on anyone according to their evolution and tastes.

8.- Art, fun, pleasures of the senses, sports, material happiness, natural health and sungazing will be promoted, love, self-realization, technology and free energy, teleportation and interdimensional travel with UFOs and dimensional portals, which will be a reality.

9.-Cities and communities with domes and mandalas will tend to be or will be like geometric cropcircles and then the model will gradually expand in each place, with self-sufficient autonomous entities: and a World City of Love and Harmony.

10.-We will enjoy a three-dimensional and multidimensional existence, each one according to their evolution and vision, without dogmas or the tether of money and money. cult of the body and the vanal or transitory, adjusting ourselves to the laws of the universe, especially those that Thought creates reality, that Infinite and ecstatic Love is the basis of the cosmic transitory Hologram and that WE ARE ALL ONE. The moment of perfection and sacred geometry arrives.



Aldous Huxley (AP Photo/Getty Images/Salon)



The money that the capital steals from you in taxes, mortgages, wars, secret underground bases etc…usury will be used to make these cities

Order, harmony and sacred geometry: without money we will phase out crime. The cities of Atlantis and Lemuria and the Sacred Centers and multidimensional Portals of Gizeh, Tiahuanaco, Itchen Itza, Machu Pichu, Delphi or Mount Fuji will reappear. Nature and city are inextricably linked


blue bases

The environment will invite meditation, leisure and artistic and spiritual elevation

Technology will raise the standard of living and the economy will be for consumption, not for profit. The state will facilitate everything or if not, those who want will establish themselves in similar communities


Capitalism or capitalism is a pyramid scam, the system is dead and we must rise up and boycott the ineffective thief slop of politicians, bankers, journalists and THINK AND CREATE IN THOUGHT the new spiritual and holistic system, which will arrive after the mini ice age and the new DNA mutation: it will be the Holocracy. Be patient, it won't be in five minutes, nor this year…. You have to work at it and defeat the enemy… Wait and be patient and get used to living against the current. The only difference between reality and fiction is that you believe it possible, WE THE SCAMMED, THE AWAKEN ARE GOING TO CREATE IT AND MAKE IT POSSIBLE MASSIVELY.

by Luis Carlos Campos

Translated from this contraperiodismomatrix.com post, for educational purposes

What is meditation?

It is to think that you are infinite and the mind takes the object of ideation, it is not to leave it blank. It is positive ideation.

  1. You disconnect from the external world
  2. You disconnect from the body (imagine that it is disappearing)
  3. You start maintaining idealization and start repeating the mantra.

Use the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra. With the ideation that everything is GOD, everything is even, everything is infinite. You breathe with Babanam and expires with Kevalam (3 times). Breathe through the nose with Baba Nam and fill yourself with energy. You expire by the nose with Kevalam and eliminate all tensions and problems. Baba gave it to us for these final times.
Mantra of easy pronunciation and with cohesion to cosmic consciousness. It is the universal mantra that is worth everything. For cleaning, for health. To have better discernment. FOR ALL.

Meditate twice a day at least for 20 minutes, the important thing is to develop the habit. Soon you will raise your awareness and ultimately become ONE with the Supreme consciousness, P'arama Purush'a.


Kiirtan is the song of a mantra out loud while the mind focuses on the supreme being.
Instill a feeling of bliss and prepares the mind for meditation,
since in doing so all the motor and sensory organs are occupied and directed towards the supreme.
It can be done anywhere, and at any time, but the best moment is just before meditation.

The mantra used for kiirtan is: Bábá Nama Kevalam Baba means "my loved one," Nam means "the name" or "identifying with" and Kevalam means "only." So the meaning of the mantra is "my loved one is the only thing." The concept to keep in mind is: "everywhere where I look, in all the things I hear, I feel, see, try and smell, I perceive that only supreme consciousness that spreads through everything." Kiirtan has many benefits. Purifies the mind and prepares it for meditation, accelerating the speed of movement towards the Supreme. As a result of the mental clarity that is achieved, solutions are easily found to our problems while we practice it, in addition to relief of physical and psychic pain.