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Shakespeare didn't existShakespeare didn't exist


You may not know it but Modern Talking was a fraud, others sang and ABBA and Milly Manilly, but most people ignore it even though it's already public. Shakespeare is the same.

He sells you that a hick from a remote town is suddenly a scholar who triumphs in London theaters and at the end of his life -supposedly being extremely famous- he returns to town to collect a debt of three to a quarter. He doesn't strain.

Since he did not exist, they use various characters to invent one, as with Columbus, that is why they tell you that he died the same day as Cervantes in 1616. In fact, the recent bestseller by Professor Wildenthal (2019) examines numerous documents from Shakespeare's life and claims that the “supposed ” Official Shakespeare died before 1616.

The footage we are shown is of a supposedly illiterate peasant from Stratford-upon-Avon. This lack of documents led the Reverend James Wilmot to deny that Shackespeare or Shaksper as he was also called was the real author and argued that the true father of the works of English myth was Sir Francis Bacon, already super famous and Queen's advisor, who didn't need fame.

In fact, his name with various versions comes from “ hut ” o “hidden”= Shack and “sphere”, sphere, place, place of the hut of the redneck… They are laughing at you, just like when they told you that the first covid vaccinated was called Shakespeare, and that by the way, he slapped. Pear is also pear in English and can mean hideout or pear hut, a very country bumpkin name. To this we must add that Spear is a spear, an esoteric symbol and a Freemason. so his name seems to be clearly a Masonic covert country name.

Another meaning of the rare name Shake Spear means “shake the spear”, again esoteric symbology.

The Bibliographical History of Anonymous and Pseudonyma (University of Chicago Press, 1951), the bible of anonymous people, tells us that in Shakespeare's time the use of pseudonyms was fashionable.


A new 2019 study by Professor Bryan H. Wildenthal confirms history's most famous writer was a fucking fake, Early Shakespeare Authorship Doubts ).

Early Shakespeare Authorship Doubts : Wildenthal, Bryan H.: Amazon.co.uk: Books



I'm not saying it, even the pathetic wikimierda (who deleted the LCC profile entries in Spanish and English) recognized it. Shakespeare's authorship is highly disputed, because he did not exist.

When you read famous authors they tend to be myths or authors praised by the communists, like almost all Spanish novelists and poets or Neruda himself. The false culture distorted everything from Christ to Maria or Mari to Alexander the Great, Saint John IAN; or Plato, Lao Tse, Eistein or Columbus.

Precisely Romeo and Juliet is a mockery of Ian San Juan and his wife Julieta Ayuso, as founders of Rome, hence the word Romeo. Like the concept of Don Juan, it comes from IAN because he had more than 3000 children on his famous trip around the world.



Shakespeare and pimp Cervantes are very reminiscent of AIDS foolishness. Everything is speculation, unconfirmed facts and contradictions. He was a hick, poacher, merchant and real estate speculator, whose wife was illiterate and her father his glover, and who at the height of fame returns to his village to claim a few shillings from a neighbor. He writes Othello without understanding the Italian source of his, which had not been published in English, much like Belleforest's French Hamlet, which was also plagiarized by Kyd and then again by the supposed Shakespeare.

Romeo and Juliet is a mockery of Ian and his wife Juliet, founders of Rome


In the time of Francis Bacon, the masses spoke a kind of Germanic dialect and the aristocracy, French, that's why we consider Francis Bacon, the systematizing inventor of English. The purpose of these works was to unify the country in a single language, at the request of the Queen of England, Elizabeth I.

English is an invented language, as in Spanish, there is no clear evidence of its origin. They show you ancient texts but not the evolution of the language, as with Vulgar Latin in Spanish, which did not exist.

Shakespeare would be the anagram of a secret society formed by Francis Bacon and John Dee, who was the founder of the Rosicrucians and the British secret services, including the myth of the 007 James Bond< /a>. Bram Stoker, the legendary freemason and author of Dracula, belonged to this lodge centuries later. Shakespeare was a British actor who posed as the author of Bacon's plays.

Here, for example, is a fake letter with Shakespeare's signature, which ancient manuscripts specialist Vanessa Wilkie says was from an 18th-19th century author named William Henry Ireland:

Ireland wrote lots of fake plays and letters to his wife, queen, celebrities, that were supposed to be Shakespeare's. Fountain; The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens



It's well known and accepted that this guy, William Ireland, falsified loads of Shakesperean documents and plays. However, the charade continues.

This is the false culture of the universities, I remember that once I saw this accurate graffiti in the journalism faculty in Madrid:

“The University will light up when they burn it down”


Shakespeare is an Illuminati Masonic anagram meaning “beat the spear“. Anagram means word that results from the transposition of letters of a phrase or another word. The spear is an ancestral, phallic and power symbol of Celtic-Egyptian Masonic esoteric. Having the spear means having power, hence the myth of the Lance of Longinus in the hands of Hitler. With the name Shakespeare, the lodge of Francis Bacon showed the power of the group to transmit its message in a hidden way.

The actor Derek Jacobi, Dawkins, Francis Carr, Charles Chaplin, Mark Twain, Charlton Ogbum, Tom Bethell or Mark Rylance, director of the Globe Theater in Shakespeare in London and many other authors, such as William Henry Smith in 1856, deny Shakespeare's authorship. It seems strange that a redneck who comes to London to work - fled because he was a poacher - to clean up the horse shit in the theaters and then happens to be a stagehand, actor, etc. become a literary myth. J.M. Valverde acknowledges that in Macbeth “the song of Witches comes from The Witch by Middleton…”.


There are many contradictions, the one who was supposedly feathered as Shakespeare's figurehead, was -coincidentally like most of today's journalists- a redneck actor without studies of Stratford Upon Avon (a beautiful area, which I know and which is reminiscent of the beautiful green landscapes of Cantabria), which was also not noble, so it is strange that he spoke so accurately about the aristocracy or legal issues. His wife's horsey callous was an illiterate peasant, and it's strange that someone like him didn't at least teach her to write. He retired very young at 40, on the crest of success, and returns home to gaze at daisies and sue a neighbor for 35 Maltese shillings, something that only works if he's a front-cousin of Shakespeare.

He used a collaborator in his maturity, his sonnets were published without his collaboration in 1609, no tribute was paid to him when he died in 1616, his will seems to be that of a farmer, not the one from a renowned author, without any reference to the legacy of his works but if, for example, to his bed, again an unusual reference. His tomb is inscribed by hand, which is rare for a character of his stature.

When Othello was published the original source of it in Italian had not been published in English and Shakespeare did not know Italian nor did the source of the Hamlet French. Up to six different signatures of Shakespeare have been detected. All biographies of him are speculative. They are reminiscent of the dumb theory of AIDS, a globally accepted snowball, born only of unconfirmed ramblings. All for one purpose: to create a nationalist myth to worship and unify the English language. p>

Six different signatures of Shakespeare: more doubts about the case.


His friend, Ben Jonson sometimes implied that he was not the author of his works and said “he had a little Latin and a little less Greek” ; and Shakespeare implies it in Sonnet 76. “Why do I write… always the same…Well that every word reveals my name/Reveals his birth and indicates his provenance”. Keats defines it as “chameleonic”, hidden in the characters, of course: there were so many authors that sometimes Bacon himself was not even recognized behind it.

Sigmund Freud (another fake, by the way, prefabricated by his uncle Edward Barneys, the greatest mass manipulator of the century XX) and Orson Wells thought that Shakespeare was the author Edward de Vere . Others believe that he was another poet named Christopher Marlow. Francis Carr thinks, curling the loop and surely erroneously, that Francis Bacon was the author of the works of Shakespeare and Don Quixote; in fact, some say that Shakespeare and Cervantes died on the same day.



Illuminati necromancer Francis Bacon, author of most of Shakespeare's works, along with other names from his secret society and from the English court such as Marlow. That Shakespeare was staged is as clear as the fact that his first play Henry VI was presented anonymously in 1590, written “ perhaps with the collaboration of Marlow & # 8221 ;, according to J.M. Valverde, in his Spanish edition of Hamlet. In other words, a commoner redneck like Alfredo Landa goes to London to succeed with aristocratic works, but he doesn't want his name to be known in his first work? This is swallowable.

In 1611 he didn't even care about complete editions of his work, simply because the redneck they passed off as Shakespeare was a bluff-montage on the level of the queer pop duo Milli Vanili. Bacon was humble and very famous, he did not need more fame, besides being an illuminati mason who loved secrecy. A well-known English essayist and (counter)journalist named William Comyns Beaumont of the Daily Mail he also claimed that Bacon was Shakespeare.


The elegant style of Bacon and Shakespeare are very similar, as confirmed by During -Lawrence strong> in 1910. Of course, whoever the author was, and unlike plumber Cervantes, the author or authors of Shakespeare's works sometimes exudes a beautiful, solemn, cultured, poetic, essential, of powerful metaphors, brilliant and effective comparisons and precise adjectives, a super class writing. Machado defined him as a “poet of poets”:

“To be or not to be: Here is the problem! What is higher for the spirit: to suffer the blows and darts of insulting fortune, or to take up arms against a sea of calamities and, facing them, put an end to them? Die…, sleep; No more! And to think that with a dream we end the sorrow of the heart and the thousand natural conflicts that constitute the inheritance of the flesh! Here is a devoutly appetizing term! Die…, sleep! Sleep!…Maybe dream!

One of the lines of Shakespeare that I like the most in As You Like It it is very noticeable that they are from Bacon, who always wrote about the poetics of illusion and transience:

“The whole world is a theater/men and women its actors/with their entrances and exits…”

A good definition of the Matrix of the world. It is said that Shakespeare or Bacon did not know what title to put and asked someone what to put and he said: “As you like”, hence the title.

Well, in his poem The Life of Man, Bacon writes in a similar vein:

“The world is a bubble and one man's life, less than a sigh/in his misconception from cradle to grave…”

In Hamlet and all his plays, this style is repeated, more typical of an esoteric spiritualist than of a mundane playwright: “everything that lives must die, passing into the eternity through Nature”….”No one has what he leaves, which is to leave before his time”. This anti-vanity idea explains why Bacon did not care about being known, since the entire set-up was a queen's mandate and he was a wise secret Illuminati Rosicrucian necromancer, beyond the lights of fame.

Furthermore, curiously enough, Christianity barely appears in Shakespeare if the author is a Rosicrucian (one of the characters in Hamlet is Rosankrutz and Osric, from Osiris, an Egyptian Masonic name: the masonic bases of Bacon and cia are noted)


A beautiful pen, yes, but his works or dramas remain as anachronistic as those of Cervantes, they are pain in the ass in slow motion with a temporal theme that doesn't even interest God, with dazzling language on occasions, very typical of the wise Illuminati Bacon -by the way, one of the creators of the scientific method, as well as an esoteric magician- but if we are honest, the sheep are put to sleep when viewed together or in an hour of viewing in vivo . Anyone who says otherwise is either out of their minds, or lives off of this, or is an old man or a cloying, pedantic professor of English literature like the ones that happened to me at the Faculty of Salamanca.

T. S. Elliot, Nobel Prize winner, poet and playwright and one of the great English pens, rightly considers Hamletan artistic failure”. Bernard Shaw said that Shakespeare wrote badly. His apologists are like AIDS researchers or Cervantes, a rhetorical scam, paraphrasing smoke non-stop.

As in Cervantes everything is mythologized in Shakespeare, he lacks depth and a unitary vision of the world. It is a myth, like AIDS, but positive. Because the Borregomatrix need inedible CULTURALLY PREFABRICATED myths to adore, like Shakespeare, Messi, CR7, Britney Spears or Cervantes, and myths to fear, like AIDS or global warming or the Bogeyman. They don't care if it's all a lie, because the life and death of these hoofed bovines are also a farce from start to finish.


Except for the tiktok puppet, Everything is false in the matrix, including obituaries and death, because they are a fleeting ontological illusion (of Being) and we are immortal. Everything is fake except taxes, AI and NOM.

You've been cheated on everything, and culture was no exception. Famous authors tend to be dead like Cervantes, Dante, the inventors of the false Bible or Shakespeare or Freemasons like a 19th century author named Echegaray who was awarded the Nobel Prize, and no one knew why, because he was a freemason.

Famous writers and bestsellers are marketing operations, they usually have a fucking mental cocoa and then they are references for the borregomàtrix, like the pathetic recent award winner Murakami. The awards and editorials are the masters to wash your brain… they are from the “pales” illuminati, that is why the largest in Spanish is called “paleneta”, “planet”. Famous writers normally show their samskaras or addictions and mental distortions and the sheep identifies with these authors, because their lives are also a big-nosed mess.

There are great writers too, like Luis Martín Santos, Eduardo Mendoza or Faulkner, but they are not as massive as the fake average.

Shakespeare is a cultural media montage like Britney Spears or the grotesque Mili Vanilli, in the end it was all a lie, Matrix propaganda, to sell you something, with Shakespeare they sell us a nationalist myth and a new language, which was the creation of Francis Bacon.

by Luis Carlos Campos

Translated from this contraperiodismomatrix.com post, for educational purposes

What is meditation?

It is to think that you are infinite and the mind takes the object of ideation, it is not to leave it blank. It is positive ideation.

  1. You disconnect from the external world
  2. You disconnect from the body (imagine that it is disappearing)
  3. You start maintaining idealization and start repeating the mantra.

Use the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra. With the ideation that everything is GOD, everything is even, everything is infinite. You breathe with Babanam and expires with Kevalam (3 times). Breathe through the nose with Baba Nam and fill yourself with energy. You expire by the nose with Kevalam and eliminate all tensions and problems. Baba gave it to us for these final times.
Mantra of easy pronunciation and with cohesion to cosmic consciousness. It is the universal mantra that is worth everything. For cleaning, for health. To have better discernment. FOR ALL.

Meditate twice a day at least for 20 minutes, the important thing is to develop the habit. Soon you will raise your awareness and ultimately become ONE with the Supreme consciousness, P'arama Purush'a.


Kiirtan is the song of a mantra out loud while the mind focuses on the supreme being.
Instill a feeling of bliss and prepares the mind for meditation,
since in doing so all the motor and sensory organs are occupied and directed towards the supreme.
It can be done anywhere, and at any time, but the best moment is just before meditation.

The mantra used for kiirtan is: Bábá Nama Kevalam Baba means "my loved one," Nam means "the name" or "identifying with" and Kevalam means "only." So the meaning of the mantra is "my loved one is the only thing." The concept to keep in mind is: "everywhere where I look, in all the things I hear, I feel, see, try and smell, I perceive that only supreme consciousness that spreads through everything." Kiirtan has many benefits. Purifies the mind and prepares it for meditation, accelerating the speed of movement towards the Supreme. As a result of the mental clarity that is achieved, solutions are easily found to our problems while we practice it, in addition to relief of physical and psychic pain.