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This is how Aliens Fuck (and more than humans)



At the same time that in Torrelavega and Bilbao almost no one pulls a bagel, aliens are wreaking havoc on half of the Earth. In Torrelavega or in the festivities of  July or August, the mother who gave birth to them. The aliens, on the other hand, are brushing everything that moves, the bastards…

The experiences of humans fucking aliens are already massive. Having a reptilian boyfriend is already possible, even an insectoid xenomorphic girlfriend and they can even give you children, who do not have to be registered in the Civil Registry. And that they can reach presidents of the Government or directors of the CIA.

We tell unusual stories that will leave you stunned and exclusive information never given about the greatest secret of aliens: how they court and how they fuck and make love. This is already an endless orgy, a putiferous porn that can't take it anymore. But there are also beings of light, who are finer than Tony Kross caressing the ball.

Here he fucks even Tato and those affected by the FETO syndrome of Torrelavega and Bilbo, sucking our fingers, because they won't let us suck on anything else. It's the Torrelavega festivities and I didn't pull a donut. A lot of criticizing and analyzing the discos and there I ended up seeing if something caught me and nothing, as always I had to return humiliated to the mythical Mariacristina brothel and with other men affected by these narrow chicks we discussed the saying:

-We are muleteers and we will end up at the Mariacristina.

Here and, especially in Bilbao, we ask and even pray for those aliens who flirt so much with humans to be abducted or raped. Now, at my level of despair, I don't care if it's a mantoid, like the politician Simon Parkes. I no longer ask for meat or volume, I don't ask that they be good, just that they be left. Just something to put in the heat. But if they are cold-blooded reptilians, well, I'm afraid that not even in hot. It sweats me since they have antennae or lobster legs. If I compare them with Feas de Torrelavega they are like the ass of the Kardasian.

On top of that, I found out that many are of ambiguous gender, hermaphrodites, half or half or medusoids rarer than the host or without gender or trigender. And what I was missing, that on top of not pulling a bagel with Feas de Torrelavega, something reptilian abducts me and on top of that it is not female and gives me or sticks a claw up my ass. Or have my cocoon scratched by a trigender mantoid.

Jellyfish seem soft and versatile to me, and they're some fucking limpets. Let's see if I drop one. The Pleiadians transmute sex into ecstasy, like our yogis and mystics. And the new ones are called in Sumerian Kir-Ra-Ibra or Alien Intergalactic Spores, which we make known to the world, strange cosmic beings that they put it between galaxies and give rise to new solar systems. It is the galactic metisaca, something as inconceivable as our own Multiverse is inconceivable.

Pamela Stonebroke she even has a reptilian boyfriend. And they have more stability than heart couples. She put a reptilian or reptilian in her life because these guys are satyrs and they put her in at all hours. That they will be reptilians, but they meet in bed like champions. They are horny, like their cousins the succubi and incubi demons. They are centuries sneaking into our bedrooms and sodomizing all of Christ. It's sad to see that the underworld is like here and they only think what everyone else does. In the only thing: in fucking like crazy.


Aliens generally reproduce in laboratories. Many breeds do not fuck, they do everything in laboratories. They fertilize each other and keep the reproduction molecules in containers at a certain temperature with very specific specifications. They do not keep eggs or sperm, but substances obtained from eggs or sperm (in cases of hybridization with humans, normally) or from extraterrestrial humors or liquids.

Once these substances are obtained, they are deposited in cylinders and in 6 months a baby is born. Sometimes the following month the abductee mother assumes the role of her mother or a clone or alien mother does. The grays thus create many of their beings. Babies are nourished by light tubes.

Human sperm or eggs are useless for highly evolved aliens.

Their medical techniques are not very advanced, they don't need human body parts, organs, fluids or cells to create their own babies. But in the case of regressive low races, they can create hybrids with humans, as in the case of reptilians, xenomorphs and gray insectoids.

There are also millions of planets like ours with primitive humanoids beginning the process of Brahm Chakra or Fusion with Infinity.


In the alien world there is a lot of hole-like versatility, you can put everything in and out: horns, antennae, hands, fingers… Being an alien always gives you a lot more sexual options to have fun with. This riffraff would ruin dildo manufacturers, because they don't need anything artificial to put in, with so many fingers, antennae, spikes, and mouths.

And I won't tell you anything about the medusoids. They look like fetishists and they don't need latex, belts or other gadgets, they bring everything from the factory, already genetically prepared with the sexiest lingerie, glued to their own skin. Go to bed with Sir Ridley Scott's alien xenomorphs and you'll wake up wet.


They reproduce in laboratories and do not perform sexual intercourse and do not have sexual organs. They are “flat”, but there are cases of hybrids with humans that have sexual organs. Or hybrids that are clones of humans if they have organs like humans and are used as agents to “parasitize” humans when they perform sexual intercourse with them. This is also done by some human beta mkultra agents with humans.

They are born from an umbilical cord, and this is how human grays and hybrid grays reproduce. I show photos in counterperiodismomatrix.com

Hybreeding has caused the breed to degenerate and have diseases like progeria, which is a human disease, which makes you have a big head and look like an old child. That is, they have lost the vitality of life and the sexual act.

The gray ones are biological robots, that is, they are real, light, with “flesh”, but no metal. They are the employees of the reptilians and sometimes the Anunnaki. The common workers who do the abductions, fumigations, chemtrails, experiments. Most of the abductions are for their own breeding or survival program or to procure tissue for expiries for reptilian geneticists.


Fucking and reproduction are separate. They are a very “humane” race, in the sense that they are couples that last a lifetime like ducks and are born fuckers. The taste for sex without phases of heat was programmed for us by them. The Nephilim giants even brushed the humans and thus hybridized with the daughters of the Kings, as did some reptilian chitauri races in Africa. Reproduction is done with a technology that uses light paths through a woman's body until it reaches her ovaries and fertilizes them. This could be done in laboratories. The eggs go into a tube above the female who is on a white table and surrounded by female nurses. They don't feel any pain. It is as if they were looking at an x-ray and they put light energy into it. Also grays and reptilians use this process, but they can do it painfully with abducted humans.

Anunnaki sex is very curious, when they fuck they emanate light and they do it for pleasure, since when they want to have children they do it in a laboratory and the children are taken away by the State, which takes all their education and they have no family relationship with parents. The light intermingles and produces an enormous joy between male and female, it is a “methisaca” more subtle than human. A mess of lights. The genitals of the Anunnaki are not like ours, they are more subtle and of course large and without beauty.


They reproduce after a sexual act and then the female produces eggs. As they are the most regressive race, their sexuality is the most human-like. They fornicate and fuck with humans and each other. Many demons of the underworld also fornicate with humans, they are succubi or incubi and appear in bedrooms and trick or forcefully take you to the garden.

In many cases they fuck like humans. The reptilians appear in the room or in the UFO or secret base with the abductee and they get on top of his penis and poke him. They release green, whitish and yellowish sexual fluids that smell of fish. We have reported exclusive cases such as V de Valencia that was “violated ” So. And many more similar cases have been documented. Ken Bakeman, how many similar episodes and his website has been attacked and deleted several times.

Then the females are taken to laboratories and substances are extracted from them that are placed in incubators and a hybrid arises. Other times they simply lay an egg or a molecule that hatches into an egg and then a reptilian is born.

The igigi or advisors of the Anunnaki are reptilians and participated in genetic experiments on Earth along with many other races and the Lyrans, long before the Anunnaki arrived.


They have sexual acts like us but very subtle, also with light or touching their fingers and thus fertilize the female. They can also mentally fertilize the female, like doing meditation, and then beings of light are born. They are cases of very advanced and spiritual Pleiadian races. Procreation is mental and then they are born in a kind of hospital, beings that were incubated with a kind of light.

The Pleiadian races and other unknown races already have their kundalini awakened and they transmute sexual energy into ecstasy with meditation, which is already popular and routine on those planets. They are communities of mystics. Perfect Societies, like the one that will one day be the Earth. This type of transmuted sex will be very important in the future and is today the hallmark of millions of supercivilized and multidimensional spiritual alien civilizations.




They are a race very similar to Pleiadians and humans, tall and blond. They are the great scientists of antiquity from the “prehistoric astronaut” and they made many ooparts, like the ark of the covenant. Their conscious or unconscious reincarnations as humans are often used by the CIA and NSA, as they intuitively know how many ooparts, UFOs, and alien gadgets from past civilizations on Earth work. They helped the Anunnaki a lot and even made a pact with them, so that they would not eliminate them in wars. They passed on their millennial longevity technique.

They transmute sex into kundalini, which they convert into ecstasy.


They are mystical spirit beings of short stature, big heads, white or milky skin, and large eyes. They practice meditation and are the authors of some of the crop circles. Sexuality is mystical and they have no organs. They mentally procreate and then the baby is removed at a hospital. Vibrations are sent between male and female, although in reality they are not exactly that. We define it that way to explain it. They are like androgynous but one of them has more defined characteristics.

They also transmute sex into kundalini, which they convert into ecstasy.


They are the most widespread aliens in the Multiverse, but the most unknown. The Earth's jellyfish, with a strange reproduction process, were placed by them in the Living Library of Nature. Their gender goes beyond human conventions, as they are all male-female. They are fertilized with vibrations and lay a kind of eggs. They can parasitize beings and hybrid bugs are born. They have very strange cycles. They drop some things that look like larvae and then those larvae take on shapes and form eggs and then the alien is born from there. They reproduce in laboratories.


They are unknown and we present them here. It is a concept of existence that does not exist in our rational paradigms. They are not humanoids, but etheric intelligences, but they also have physical reality. They are like mists of intelligence that form communities and planets and are highly spiritual beings, but without bodies. They live in Stars, in Planets, in the most unexpected places. They are like a kind of spores that reproduce and give rise to clusters of stars, galaxies, when they fornicate or merge with each other, recreating new universes, worlds, planets. They are not gods but they play gods, because they create galaxies, they self-combine and make the worlds expand, but without being directly the Creator God, but aliens.

This is something inexplicable, beyond our concepts and science. It is the ability that some alien races of light have to fuse galaxies into a “galactic memisaca” and create new and new spirals and worlds. They are races that can play gods and create stars and star clusters. Dust can last for millions of years.

In Anhk Sumerian anunnaki have a name Kir-Ra-Ibra, they are very subtle intelligences that cannot be assimilated by the current human mind. They also participated as colonizers of the Living Library on Earth


These gigantic aliens would be the positive equivalent of Macrobes, which are specialized in mental and sexual parasitism. We have said that they are intangible and evil beings that parasitize the most regressive races, such as reptilians. Instead of creating worlds, they create legions of beings from the underworld, complicate your life, confuse you and keep you in subhumanity.


There are other unclassified, unknown, or never cited alien races, of unthinkable evolution, who copulate with mantras and have creatures with SONIC MENTAL VIBRATIONS, everything is a mental process with mystical sounds, They are fourth, fifth and more dimensions tall. They are like lights, others look like medusoids and other insectoids or crystal-like beings like in the movie A.I. by Spielberg.


Isma Juárez interviews several people at the International Congress of Ufology who claim to have contacted aliens and, above all, Marina, a girl who claims to be a “hybrid”.

We warn you that ufology congresses, like the ones that OJETEELE or Diarreisa attend, are a scam like them, to get your money.


The list of humans who have messed with aliens is endless. Soon at skokka.com there will be a reptilian section. Many people don't count it, others don't even know it and it seems like a dream, but some have even had stable relationships with aliens and have done everything, going through a 69, to a missionary position to an "ear" penetration 8221; or “exoanal”:


A woman claims she has had sex with aliens and enjoyed

She says she is a medium and that she has real orgasms and that they take her to other solar systems and like the young people of the 60s, they do it on the ship, in the 600s and they are big-headed and horny. Many were from the Constellation of the Dog. This one not only hits grays, but reptilians and even gatoids. They are promiscuous to the fullest. What does seem extraterrestrial and, highly orgasmic, are the dreadlocks that this girl combs. Of course, for a reptilian or for a Pandora gatoid it will seem quite normal after what these turkeys are like and what they see. She finds out that they like blacks and big ass... and that it brings them to the point if your hairdresser is crazy.



Julio Platner was a businessman who was abducted and who had sex and took blood from him, the aliens were bald and had hanging eyes, like hypnotics. Come on, nothing sexy. But they took you to the orchard, just the same. This has happened often, since Antonio Villas Boas recounted his experience when he was raped by several blue-eyed gatoids from a ship. It was the first known case worldwide.

Sometimes these abductions are fake. They make them gray from the US Government or other countries to test chips or get your semen. They may seem like dreams, but it is real. Since they are aliens you cannot sue them.



Result of image of ALIEN SEX

She confirmed that she was not lying under polygraph. This one had a more geeky fuck than the one that brought the Falete into the world. Floating, with a 12-fingered female alien. He first saw a UFO in the mountains, where he worked as a farmer and then at night the cunt snuck into the bedroom and wow... fuck! The aunt was weirder and more extravagant than Lady Caga out of an after hour. She had braids on her legs and was 3 meters tall. 40 minutes the guy jumped let him hit you. A real pig! A historical fuck, certified and documented… by the television polygraph! Floating is new, you will no longer need those swings that are sold in sex shops or that they hang you with a sadomaso hook. These aliens save all the paraphernalia and don't need a floor, mattress or fagots. Minimalists to the fullest. With your ass exposed and in the pure air they put it in you and take it up the ass, never better said!



Simamamon is a fucking scam, he said that he was coming to the end of the world last summer and he made the most absolute fool of herself, just like those who licked her asshole. His holographic girlfriend raped him at the age of five, they rebuzan. He gives DIARREIC information on exopolitics and extraterrestrials and on top of that he is political, which is a fact that already calls into question his credibility, starting with him. But he doesn't seem to be lying, someone who tells something for which he can only be labeled crazy. Luckily, the mantoid doesn't only think about sucking, sucking, drooling and sticking its antennae in wherever he wants. That her aunt has even given her a mantoid son, whom she pampers and of whom they both feel more proud than Pantoja's mother. Instead of “sow” they baptized her “Zarka” In honor of her mother, that she had relaxed morals and that they did it to all races, without being disgusted by even a politician, which shows what a slut she was.



They're like everyone else, and they wear fetishist lingerie and very long babydolls to cover their fly legs and other bulges. Then striptease, they take it off and hair to the sea. To direct hitting. She's almost three meters tall and has eight fingers, which means she has to jerk off like hell. This one touches your eardrum and the islets of Langerhans.



The fame of the reptilians is gaining by the minute. Pamela says that a bug with scales put her looking at Cuenca, on all fours, already in the distant 98 and that it lasted a long time. It was like those described by Ken Bakeman, with a vest and dagger, which seems to indicate that she is not lying.

On top of that, it was stable, she spent three years as a ñiqui ñaca, with her legs open, and the reptilian, enjoying herself to the fullest and she more because she said that "orgasms were very intense". Nothing that is above dominating the Earth, they raise all of us humans, with those turtle faces.


If there is a human with tireless putyrriculum it is David Huggins. He describes in his pictures all kinds of powders with giant females, with big breasts and one more horny than Thousands of Cirrhosis at an MTV gala.

The ones by the Georgian painter take you directly to the orchard, like the ones here. Either in the haystack or in the woods, here we are all the same and if you get hot, not even a court order will stop you. They are gigantic, pale with big eyes and on top of that they have tits, due to the volume of petting these are ideal, although a bit strange. and they also give hybrid and monstrous young.



The ones from Huggings have orgies, which leave the ones from Eyes Wide Shut in a slam dunk. In a group and all naked, some sivenrguenzas these aliens, with everything in the air and on top of that they peel it for you and for free. Nobody gives more. You come out sedated and more satisfied than a complete in the Mariacristina. And to make matters worse in pairs, trios, or in a group and sometimes with a cloak, which it does around snooping around and reaching out. For me, Zapatero, with that kareto, must have been born from one of these orgies.



Once we told an authentic madman exclusively, a boy from Valencia, V. who said he was raped by a reptilian in his room, which left him with a liquid like green. He paralyzed him and they paralyzed him for years, until today. Note that it is the same pattern as the case in the video. This can often be true. This is happening now in the world. Remember Bequeth's phrase, “the greatest strength of vampires is that no one believes in them”. Reptilians, succubi and incubi or raping demons are the famous vampires.


Except in Torrelavega and Bilbao here even the dumbest aliens in town are turning purple. It is frustrating for a native of Torrelavega or Bilbo to see how all the alien races get wet here, except us. What a bustle And we without knowing. On top of that, there is a paradoxical case that those from Bilbao are reputed to have the largest one.

In the fucking chapter, being an alien is a bargain. You go around in the UFO screwing everyone. Before to fuck more you had to be a Horrywood star, a mobster, a sex symbol, a porn star or a politician. Now if you are an alien you take all God to bed.

Aside from jokes, human reality is not a joke. Abductions and rapes of grays and reptilians are routine. There are too many anonymous testimonials that no one would invent, among other things because you don't earn anything, except being taken for crazy.

Alien sex is a reality, the worst thing is that they do it with rapes for us. This is very serious. Everything goes unpunished and the abuse remains like a dream, since they have hypnotic technology so you don't remember. Here are the cases and the evidence. This cannot be refuted. This cannot be invented. This proves what we have said so many times that the Earth is a human farm and that we are parasitized by extraterrestrial races, especially grays and reptilians, but also by medusoids and Macrobes.

On the other hand, the different forms of fornication of other extraterrestrial races are suggesting to us what human sex and reproduction will be like in the near future. That is, by laboratory. The children will come by genetic engineering and sex will transform into more subtle forms, such as Pleiadian and Andromedan sex. Mystical sex without copulation, or a very subtle union of vibrations, mental waves or lights, to create life by fusion of Love. That will be our future. It is the Anunnaki sex par excellence, although we will tend even more towards Pleiadian or Lyran type sex, since they are positive races much more akin to our infinite potential.

Fucking will become in our future a Great Mystical and Technological Act. We will be less beasts and more spiritual, but the fact that Anunnaki and Pleiadians continue to give the metisaca indicates that we will continue to enjoy meat, even more and with more sensations and perspectives. When we are multidimensional, the dust will be multidimensional, we will be able to merge not only with humans, but with other entities and other planes. This is also a new concept unthinkable for today's humans: MULTIDIMENSIONAL SEX, like another alien concept that we have presented exclusively in this post, the creation and fusion of worlds by the Galactic Spore Aliens.

The Multiverse is wonderful and infinite, and many surprises await us in evolution, orgasm will become a multidimensional kaleidoscope in the future and we will also use the kundalini to transform sexual or libidinal energy into ecstasy that ascends through the sushuma or center channel.

Always remember that a Wonderful Future awaits us.

by Luis Carlos Campos

Translated from this contraperiodismomatrix.com post, for educational purposes

What is meditation?

It is to think that you are infinite and the mind takes the object of ideation, it is not to leave it blank. It is positive ideation.

  1. You disconnect from the external world
  2. You disconnect from the body (imagine that it is disappearing)
  3. You start maintaining idealization and start repeating the mantra.

Use the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra. With the ideation that everything is GOD, everything is even, everything is infinite. You breathe with Babanam and expires with Kevalam (3 times). Breathe through the nose with Baba Nam and fill yourself with energy. You expire by the nose with Kevalam and eliminate all tensions and problems. Baba gave it to us for these final times.
Mantra of easy pronunciation and with cohesion to cosmic consciousness. It is the universal mantra that is worth everything. For cleaning, for health. To have better discernment. FOR ALL.

Meditate twice a day at least for 20 minutes, the important thing is to develop the habit. Soon you will raise your awareness and ultimately become ONE with the Supreme consciousness, P'arama Purush'a.


Kiirtan is the song of a mantra out loud while the mind focuses on the supreme being.
Instill a feeling of bliss and prepares the mind for meditation,
since in doing so all the motor and sensory organs are occupied and directed towards the supreme.
It can be done anywhere, and at any time, but the best moment is just before meditation.

The mantra used for kiirtan is: Bábá Nama Kevalam Baba means "my loved one," Nam means "the name" or "identifying with" and Kevalam means "only." So the meaning of the mantra is "my loved one is the only thing." The concept to keep in mind is: "everywhere where I look, in all the things I hear, I feel, see, try and smell, I perceive that only supreme consciousness that spreads through everything." Kiirtan has many benefits. Purifies the mind and prepares it for meditation, accelerating the speed of movement towards the Supreme. As a result of the mental clarity that is achieved, solutions are easily found to our problems while we practice it, in addition to relief of physical and psychic pain.